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After doing my research online I finally decided that I am going to use Enrich Financial, and guess what! I was not disappointed. There customer service was really great and showed me the highest respect.
After about four (4) and a half months my credit score went up by about 90 points! I so happy and satisfied with their service.

I highly recommend Arian and His company ( Enrich Financial). Best of luck!”

starstarstarstarstar   Howard Rogers

Certificate of Recognition

Enrich Financial; a company which is known for its exemplary services in the financial sector has got the certificate of recognition, which is duly signed by Bob Blumefield who is a Third Council District member. After getting certified in February, the company has been incessantly working on helping the people facing various finance-related issues. The certificate of Recognition signifies the importance and need of company’s services in an individual’s life whether he/she is a small retailer or an owner of MNC.Day by day company has been providing its services and expanding across different sections of the society. The motive with which company was started has been fulfilled to the fullest and with the efficient team of Mr. Arian and with his result-oriented approach, the company will always drive itself towards helping people to uplift themselves and solve all the financial problems.

Book By Arian Eghbali

Arian Eghbali represents Enrich Financial as its CEO and is also the author of the book “Build Better Credit To Build A Better Life”. The book has come out as a result of his deep knowledge about managing and improving the credit efficiently. The book is handy for its each and every reader; whether that reader is a middle class businessman or a high class business tycoon. The book has been equipped with tips and tricks to improve one’s own credit hence eliminating a number of financial problems. Enrich Financial is known for its top-notch financial services which has helped a large section of society to improve its credit score and boost the financial status. The book has been a success so far and is day by day becoming more and more popular among each and every individual facing credit report related issues.

Why We Need Credit Repair?

Until and unless one doesn’t face the problem of borrowing money from any lender because of inaccuracies in his credit report, he doesn’t get to know the importance of his credit report and its proper maintenance. Inaccuracy in credit report might consist of unverifiable details, wrong information about himself or any other financial transaction. Whenever you approach a lender or a financial company for a loan, it is your credit report, which becomes the basis of whether you are going to get the loan easily or your application is going to be rejected. Your credit score goes higher when your credit report represents your financial status accurately. After your credit report is once analyzed by credit repair specialists and all the mistakes have been removed, you will yourself find the difference in response of your loan applications from financial institutions. You will also find it easier to invest anywhere in the market easily.


Authorized users vs. joint account holders

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
There are two ways to share a credit card account with another person: You can be an authorized user or a joint account holder. The liability for the payments differs greatly. “Authorized users are entitled to use the credit extended to the card holder, but have no legal responsibility to pay the bill.” Joint account

Who’s protecting your identity?

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
As many as 12 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Who’s protecting your identity? Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal identifying information, without your authorization, in order to perpetrate fraud or other offenses, such as obtaining loans, services or credit. To reduce your risk and help protect yourself and your family,

نکات مهم در افزایش اعتبار

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
با توجه به اهمیت زیاد امتیاز اعتباری برای اشخاص ، شرط عقل حکم می‌کند که هر شخص نهایت تلاش خود را جهت بالا بردن امتیاز اعتباری خود به عمل بیاورد. علاوه بر رعایت و آگاهی‌ از همه ی نکاتی که قبلاً توضیح داده شده، شما با عمل به نکات زیر می‌توانید به افزایش امتیاز اعتباری

FB Post

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
Enrich Financial; a leading Credit Repair Specialist has received the Certificate of Recognition by the Councilman Officer, Third Council District, City Of Los Angeles, State of California. The Certificate which is signed by Bob Blumefield, a Third Council District council member was issued in the early week of February.

هم امضاء شدن با شخصی دیگر جهت دریافت هرگونه وام

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
سئوال: من تصمیم دارم به خاطر کمک به دوستم جهت دریافت وام ، با او هم‌امضا شوم. آیا چنانچه دوست من بدهی خود را به موقع پرداخت نکند روی سابقه‌ اعتباری من هم تاثیر دارد؟ بله پاسخ: هم‌امضا شدن با شخصی دیگر ، جهت دریافت اعتبار یا وام نه تنها روی سابقه اعتباری شما تاثیر

کسب امتیاز اعتباری برای تازه واردین به آمریکا

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
سئوال: امتیاز اعتباری من پایین است و هیچ مؤسسه‌ای به من وام نمی‌دهد. چگونه می‌توانم امتیاز اعتباری‌ام را در این حالت بالا ببرم؟ پاسخ: این مشکل بین تازه‌ واردین به آمریکا یا کسانی که به علت بدهی امتیاز پایینی‌ دارند بسیار رایج است. راه حلی‌ که وجود دارد این است که می‌توانید برای کردیت کارت تضمینی

Minimum Payment on Credit Cards

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
Question: If I paid the minimum payment on my credit card on time, do they charge an interest on the difference? Answer: If the balance is not paid monthly, basically you are charged interest. Interest on each monthly statement is charged on the average daily balance.

تسویه قبوض کردیت کارتها

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
آیا بهتر نیست شخص قبض کردیت کارت خود را به طور کامل پرداخت نکند و در عوض فقط حداقل قسط آن را بپردازد تا امتیاز او به مرور زمان افزایش یابد؟ متآسفانه این باور غلط یکی‌ از رایج‌ترین شایعات در مورد کردیت است. پرداخت نکردن کامل قبض کردیت کارت، نه تنها کمکی‌ به افزایش امتیاز

رابطه لاین آف کردیت و امتیاز اعتباری

  • Posted by Arian Eghbali
آیا داشتن لاین-اف-کردیت امتیاز اعتباری را کاهش می‌دهد؟ بلی و خیر چنانچه شخص همه اعتبار موجود در لاین-اف-کردیت خود را مصرف کند (بدهکار شود) امتیاز وی کاهش می‌یابد در حالی‌ که اگر لاین-اف-کردیت شخص به مقدار کمی‌ مصرف شده باشد و یا دست نخورده باقی‌ بماند ، تأثیر منفی‌ آن کمتر و یا هیچ خواهد

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