Financial guru and credit repair expert Arian Eghbali recently granted Fox News an interview where he revealed some interesting secrets about banks, credit card companies, and credit agencies that many people don’t know about. Arian Eghbali, who has helped thousands of people clear their debts, boost their credit scores, and secure loans, has a solid authority to discuss these topics and has authoritatively disclosed these important secrets for everyone’s benefit.

A quick look into Arian Eghbali shows him as the CEO of Enrich Financial, but he’s a lot more than that. He’s an author, entrepreneur, media proprietor and credit repair specialist who has established a reputation as a custodian of financial knowledge. In the interview, he revealed that each of the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion maintain a combined 200 million files on consumers, tracking about 65% of the United States population. In addition, Arian reiterates a study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission that revealed as many as 42 million Americans having mistakes on their credit reports, which makes about 13% of the national population.

Arian Eghbali noted that all these statistics point to one thing: the system is not infallible, and consumers can do something about their poor credit scores. In his words, “Fixed rates are not exactly fixed as issuers can decide to raise consumers’ APR if they want to. It’s right there in the fine print of the cardholder’s agreement, and these companies hope their consumers miss it. Ideally, people should be notified 15 days to a potential rate increase, but they have to monitor their mail.”

He also talked about the impact of the public health crisis on the economy, in which many people are struggling financially. He predicts that credit scores are likely to fall further and worsen the situation. However, in an interview with ABC 13 Morning Blend with KNTV, Arian Eghbali took his time to educate viewers on maintaining their credit scores. “The pandemic led to a lot of job loss and businesses scaling down or shutting down their operations. This has a severe impact on the finances of the people who make up the economy. It affects their financial outlook and their capacity to finance their credit, leading to skipping loan repayments and monthly repayment defaults,” he noted.

Arian’s recommendation to all the speculations surrounding the economy’s downturn is for people to communicate with their banks, lenders and financial institutions. “There is a ray of hope for those who cannot keep up with regular payments. Clear communication with the lending institutions about their inability to pay can get them a deferment program. 95% of these institutions offer different deferment programs that give clients reprieve for a given period to protect their credit score. Don’t allow your credit score to be affected; banks are willing to assist their customers; all you need to do is communicate with your bank,” Arian said.

With features on news channels all over the country and special recognition letters from President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump, it’s hard not to take a critical look at Arian Eghbali’s proclamations and suggestions. His credibility as a credit repair and debt settlement expert is indisputable, especially with his relationship with the United States Vice President, Kamala Harris, back from when she was a practicing lawyer.

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