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Credit Repair Specialist

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Credit repair has become a household term after the economic crisis in 2008. Because of layoffs and fewer employment opportunities, people belonging to the regular working class experienced various financial problems such as foreclosure, bankruptcy and bad debts among others. Tackling these financial problems can be stressful, mentally and emotionally, but most people didn’t have the choice of hiring lawyers, accountants or financial advisors.

Credit repair specialist is a new breed of financial advisor specializing in mending credit scores and preventing or prevailing over bad debts, foreclosures and bankruptcy. Enrich Financial, founded by Arian Eghbali, is a credit repair specialist firm catering to the ordinary people to relieve them from the stress of handling these problems. Being in the position of knowing the current financial systems and laws governing credit institutions, credit bureaus and the rights of the consumers Arian Eghbali and his team of credit repair specialist work on the financial problems of clients who are on the verge of losing their homes, can’t meet up the payments of debts and bankruptcy, and the goal of retaining or increasing the credit score of clients. The credit score is a simple quantification of a consumer’s ability to pay debts.

Arian Eghbali and his team of credit repair specialist know the value of a high credit score. Before the financial crisis,credit score was only important when making large purchases like buying luxury goods, houses, brand new cars and yachts. Now, credit score is a determining factor in the ability of getting good rates for products and services like smart phones and car insurances and interest rates. A high credit score means lower interest rates, and this equates to savings from financing fees over the life of a loan by thousands of dollars. It is also a factor in getting into better employment and promotion.

A high credit rating from credit bureaus such as  Experian, TransUnion, Equifax and Innovis determine a persons purchasing power on certain products and services. Enrich Financial’s team of credit repair specialist know the rights of consumers and how to use these rights to maintain or increase a high credit score, financial planning is also included in the services offered and plays a major role in keeping or redeeming a higher credit rating. Enrich Financial can do all these at a reasonable price, no illegal practices and all within the states governing laws protecting consumers from bad debts, foreclosure and bankruptcy. Knowing these rights is viable in preserving a high credit score and buying power of a consumer.