The author, entrepreneur, industrialist, investor, and media proprietor helps people to fight the past and build a glowing future.

Arian Eghbali happens to be one of the most successful persons behind changing the financial history in the American continent. He started his first entrepreneurship assignment as the director of a Canadian company, Nicholas Import & Export. By his indomitable entrepreneurship spirit and passion for work, he has transformed himself into a financial and media baron in the United States.

“I witnessed the sufferings of the Iranians in Los Angles. They were facing much trouble because of insufficient knowledge of the finance and credit system in the USA. Of course, credit repairing companies were there, but they served the wealthier communities. This ignited me to start Enrich Financial for all,” stated Arian Eghbali.

Now Enrich Financial offers a canopy of services including credit history information, credit repair management, legal debt services, and free consultation for increasing the credit score and decreasing debts. They help to resolve the business credit issues, debt settlement, and also provide credit repairing services. The company follows a comprehensive wealth management approach for making a significant financial success for the clients.

Inspired by the astounding success of Enrich Financial, Arian Eghbali intended to put his knowledge and experience into writing and released a book titled “Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life: Your Better Life Starts Here” on Amazon. The book reveals many secrets of credit repairing along with time-tested legal strategies to follow for the restoration of one’s credit profile.

Arian Eghbali is a man of varied interests. Because of his love for music, he has launched Radio Jan in the USA in 2017. It is the number one Armenian radio station operating outside Armenia and has a large number of dedicated listeners of Armenian songs. He also happened to be the CEO of ‘Iran Mehr’, a weekly political newspaper in Farsi, available in California, Los Angles, New York, and Texas.

He is also a philanthropist and lover of art. Arian Eghbali has sponsored The 50 world tour by Iranian legendary singer, Ebrahim Hamedi including 90 concerts, in 40 cities of 13 countries, and covering 4 continents.

Arian Eghbali has received many awards and honors including recognition from Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump, the 44th and 45th POTUS.

He appeared on many popular shows for commenting on the American economy and recently delved the Trump Biden debated in an interview with a smart and witty reply.


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City: Los Angeles
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Country: United States

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